Photo Tours & Photo Workshops 


Why should you join photo tours?


The interesting experience from each trip helps you increase your passion for photography, have a new look for each place you come, and you will have more great photos in your collection.


Maybe you have some old thoughts about images. However, when you take part in Photo tours, you will see the difference of yourself in each photo, and you are willing to change to make it better.


You should distinguish Tours between Photo tours, these differences help you take excellent pictures after each trip.


We usually hold Photo trips to come many places or festival in Vietnam every month.


If you need any further Photo tour consultant, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: nguyenvuphuoc@kienvanggroup.com




Our Photo tour do not discriminate professional photographers, amateur photographers or beginners. This means that you don’t have to worry about how to take great photos at your destinations and how to have perfect pictures. Since we often organize workshop to exchange experience, supplement knowledge of photography for all people joining photography.


Results that P-Nguyen Photo tour & Photo Workshop bring you are excellent photos taken by yourself.


We are honored to serve you at the soonest.


Currently, each month I usually hold Photo tours for friends and people loving photography from anywhere to compose photos together.
As a job is inseparable from my passion for photography, my Photo tours come to across the country to capture great photos.
My Photo tours always give members a source of inspiration for taking photo.


Besides photography, services are prepared carefully, so photographers do not have to worry relevant activities during trip.


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