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Photographer Profile: Nguyen Vu Phuoc, Vietnam

Nguyen Vu Phuoc blends two professions, that of all around photographer, and as director/photographer of the Kien Vang Advertising Group in Saigon. He is the recipient of more than 300 international photography awards, including the Federation International de L’ Art Photographique (FIAP) commendation of excellence in the photographic arts. To see more of Phuoc’s images and/or make contact, please visit his website. To learn about Phuoc’s efforts to help a young Vietnamese girl suffering the terrible consequences an acid attack, please go here.

How to Check Out of a Hotel

Checking out at a hotel is relatively simple, but if you’re not careful, you may be hit with costly penalties and fees. When checking out, be sure to ask for an itemized receipt after handing over your keys and settling payment. Prevent fraud and penalties by leaving a credit card instead of a debit card and by verifying the check out time the night before leaving. Make sure you don’t forget anything when packing for checkout. Look for forgotten items in all closets, drawers, and shelve


Tarih ve sanatın buluştuğu nokta Sille Sanat üyeleri, Onursal Üye Nguyen Vü Phuroc rehberliğinde Vietnam insanını ve kültürünü tanıma imkanı buldu. Bolca fotoğraf çekme imkanı bulan üyeler bu geziden oldukça memnun olarak döndüler. 8 fotoğrafçının katıldığı gezide Zonguldak’tan Kahraman Bekçili ve Dr .Tufan Bilir de yer aldı. Üyeler, Wietnam’da sosyal sorumluluk anlamında salilde çöp de topladı.

Turkish photographer scavenges at Long Hai beach

Turkish newspaper reported, translated as follows:
"... before there were Japanese people who came to Turkey to watch football, and after watching the match they stayed in scavenging ... that made the Turks much to ponder ... now when They took pictures together on the beach (at Long Hai Ba Ria Pier) and they were impressed by the local people. proud of the people of the country of Turkey ... "

Pictures recorded by photographer Nguyen Vu Phuoc