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”Hat Boi” Face Paint Art

”HAT BOI” (also known as hát bộ, tuồng, luôn tuồng) is a traditional art form of opera of Vietnamese people (imported into Vietnam around the 13th century). ”HAT BOI” held an important role in the cultural treasure of Vietnam. ”HAT BOI” appears in all three regions of the country and each region has its own characteristics. In Saigon, the quintessence of Southern ”HAT BOI” is still passed on by generations of passionate artists although the road has never been easy.

Viet Nam – Can Tho Traditional Chow Fun Making Craft

When you have a chance to visit Can Tho- Viet Nam , it is a regret if you miss great and interesting experience in its traditional crafts such as Thuan Hung rice-paper making village, Thom Rom net-knitting village, Thoi Nhut Flower village, Thoi Long little shrimp trap knitting village, and once strolling around Cai Rang floating market, you should pay a visit to Can Tho traditional chow fun making village.

Happiness Of The Disabled.

Happiness of the disabled

Like other well-off people, people with disabilities also have equal rights in all areas of life, including the pursuit of happiness, the right to be loved, to build a family. However, there are still many barriers to this right of the disabled, not only in society, even in many families who still have prejudices, discrimination, many people with disabilities do not have enough confidence, courage to come up with the love that they choose.

Sapa- Vietnam , A Sad Day Of Mine !

Sapa – a sad day …

One of the destinations of Photo Tours is Sapa, a great place for the weather, landscapes and villages of ethnic minorities such as the Mong, Dao, Tay, Giay … living with the cultivation of rice, corn on the terraces on the side of the cliff.