Musician Nguyen Van Ty

Nguyen Van Ty was born March 5, 1923 is a renowned musician of Vietnam, he composed many contributions from the pre-war music like sound to the songs Excess red band is standing in Ben Tre, I love children, riders build Ke … 1948, Nguyen Van Ty in front group of military culture department manager. Then, from 1950, he received the task to build the Delegation Office of 304th and served as chief. Ban Du famous sound he composed about 1950 after a visit to your home to play in Quynh Luu, Nghe An, Du negative written about her friend’s sister. Also because of this music he was making review unit for composing a song too mushy, not with that period. However, this song is very warm enough after the famous and much sung in the South. He also composed the bloom season, color phase furrow …


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